Conference Call

This module is directed at those clients who use the English language over the phone on a daily basis.  It focuses on listening and comprehension techniques and also on the conference calls themselves.



Main Topics of a Conference Call


The success of any conference call in English depends on knowledge of the specific vocabulary and the necessary techniques required to make oneself understood.  Over the 5 days, the following items are covered:


  • Conference Call Structures

  • Telephone Language

  • Openings & Jargon

  • Concision Techniques

  • Emphasis & Intonation

  • Simulated Conference Calls

  • Final Conference Call


You will participate in 4 simulated conference calls.  You will be requested to listen, write, present and ask questions.

Next dates


08 – 12  (Monday - Friday)

24 - 28 (Wednesday - Sunday)


12- 16 (Monday - Friday)

21 - 25 (Wednesday - Sunday) Holiday




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