All meals are included in the LE package.  At Little England, meals consist of fresh and natural produce: fruits and vegetables, plus assorted meat and fish dishes to provide a healthy balance.  Meals are prepared and served by a staff of cooks and servers who have worked at Little England for over 25 years.

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08 – 12  (Monday - Friday)

24 - 28 (Wednesday - Sunday)


12- 16 (Monday - Friday)

21 - 25 (Wednesday - Sunday) Holiday




Some of our clients

Rio de Janeiro

Tel/Fax: 21-2516-2350


São Paulo

Tel: 11-3081-7000


Rio de Janeiro: Rua Buenos Aires, 59 - 2º e 3º andares - Centro - Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Tel/Fax: 21-2516-2350 -

São Paulo: Rua da Consolação, 2.710 - 1º andar - Cj.13 - Cerqueira Cesar - São Paulo/SP - Tel: 11-3081-7000 -


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